KG Section
At Spandan, with special efforts and due to early intervention, some children show great improvement and excel academically. The goal of the KG section is to identify such children between the age group of 4-10 to put them on a fast track of education so that they can join children in regular schools that have an integrated/inclusive program for special kids. Special kids who are identified as slow learners, have borderline IQ and have Down’s syndrome usually make up the strength of this class.

The Focus

Since these children find it difficult to accept information in conventional teaching methods, the educator spends time in using other methods to improve children’s acceptance and understanding of the subject matter. With the right intervention, such children do well in school and later in life too.

 Methodologies employed are:

  • Strength based learning
  • Interdisciplinary communication
  • Innovative worksheets
  • Theme-based activities


  • Equal opportunity for special kids and preparation to be normal members of society
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased exposure to entire gamut of learning