Cerebral Palsy Centre
The C.P. Centre was started to provide early intervention and diagnosis with early therapy for the 2 to 5 yrs of age group. The main aim of this centre is to make the child self-sufficient and learn the daily acts of living. The primary objective of starting this centre is to impart training to children by various therapies thereby increasing the abilities and facilitate mental and physical development of these special kids through different play activities which then enable the child to perform functions for a meaningful life. Along with the various therapies designed for their physical as well as mental development, the mothers of the children are also trained to provide good home care as well.

The Focus

The main focus is on identifying the limitations of the child and then providing a thorough diagnosis and working along with special educators and therapist to work on the overall health, vision, hearing, communication and motor abilities of the child.
Methodologies used are:
1. Expressive Therapies – Participation in art therapy which offers a child opportunities for creativity and expression
2. Play therapy – It is a therapeutic intervention that makes the use of play to help these children develop a better sense of inclusion and at the same time builds their confidence, interaction and sense of self.
3. Story telling – Various stories are told to children by activity or flash cards which build their imaginative capabilities.


  • Early intervention ensures that the child will implement the learned behavior throughout their various developmental stage. Children learn to express themselves better. They develop cognitive problem-solving skills.
  • Parents learn how their child interacts with their environment.
  • Increased bonding between parent and child due to active involvement of parents during the program.