Academy of Excellence
With the main goal of aiding the physical and mental development of the children as well as providing a unique opportunity to the special children of Vadodara, the Academy of Excellence was opened on 29th Dec 2015.

The Focus

The main centres under this umbrella include:

  1. Centre of Performing Arts (In association with Sree Kala Kendra) – Various forms of dance is taught to children along with music lessons in casio, harmonium and tabla.
  2. Computer Education Centre – Basic computer skills are taught to children to help them find office jobs as they grow and excel.
  3. Art & Craft Centre – The focus of this centre is to teach drawing, painting, creating best out of waste, artifacts and many other creative objects.


  • With this centre every child benefits in the following areas: Social awareness, interaction skills, language and communication, attention span, self-help skills, fine motor coordination, motor development, visual and auditory skill development.
  • Music therapy helps to decrease maladaptive behavior and reinforce positive behavior.
  • Craft therapy offers an opportunity for self expression and reduces anxiety and stress. It also improves concentration, attention and sitting tolerance.